Monday, March 21, 2005

Sinking Jawbones

It is often said that humans are rational creatures...

One program on TV that I often enjoy watching is CSI. It is a modern ‘good guys’ versus ‘bad guys’ scenario using modern criminal forensic technology along with old-fashioned policework to solve crimes. The plots are generally well done and very dramatic with regularly scheduled twists. The script writers, however, can seldom resist insertion of gratuitous worldly philosophical assertions.

In one segment, a particular divorced female criminalist, a good guy, confesses with incredulity that it had been eight months since she had had sex. Of course, later in the show, she plays the co-seduction game with a male witness. At the end of the program she leaves the office ‘dressed to kill’ in route to a date with this man and, apparently, on the road to personal, nirvanic fulfillment. The tenor of the circumstance is that the viewing audience should be happy for her. Just groovy.

Even aside from what the Scriptures command concerning fornication and adultery–‘ Simpletons, turn in here, the road to Sheol’– this selfish action strains a few other less religious wisdoms. Perhaps I could write the remaining script. This hot-to-trot young gal contracts AIDS. She becomes a ‘Rocky Training Facility’ by this young man who cannot respect his newly acquired piece of meat. Her adolescent daughter becomes pregnant by a Las Vegas casino dealer who asserts that having sex will bring her total personal fulfillment– no zits.

Humans are indeed rational creatures. They can cleverly rationalize anything they want. There’s an old adage of the open-minded– ‘Whatever floats your boat.’ Just don’t be so open-minded that your brains fall out. Although all boats definitely float, only one boat floats indefinitely; Noah’s Ark, floating for eternity upon the grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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You seem to have a theme here.